~ Play & Pray: Create & Evolve Every Day! ~
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Leaping Spiritual Family Literacy!
Intergenerational, Interfaith Inspirations ~ for children & inner children of all ages.
* Express * Sing * Laugh * Hug * Play & Pray * Connect
* Create
Supporting families to communicate, activate & co-create from the heart
with mindful multimedia
for fun filled, heart centered, spiritual practices!

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Leaping Literacy Library Marvelous Membership gives access
to all of our spiritual literacy
songs, videos, books.
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Our Music!
Music, Comedy, Home Spiritual Practices
eBooks of Inspiration
Spirit Songs
Access MP3s
samples & Lyrics
Spirit Sing CDs
Videos in 8 sections; Conscious Comedy, Music, Home Spirit & More!
A growing shelf of Spirit EBooks including Your StorEBooks!
Play&  Pray Every Day!
Play&  Pray Every Day!
Play & Pray Every Day!
Monday Mindful Matters
Spirit Centered
Interfaith Celebrations!

Play & Pray
Every Day! Playful
Spiritual Practice!

Heart Smart
Mindful Musings
Exploration * Connection * Communication * Compassion * Creation * Expression
Get spiritual support for
your family!
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