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Laurie Story Vela & Creative Spirit Families Welcomes You
to the ChildSing section of the Leaping Literacy Online Library!

ChildSing with LaurieStory

ChildSing Songs are on 3 CDs:
Let's Sing * Fall Into Winter * Spring Into Summer
Click each CD for the songs or scroll below!

PDF Lyrics for each CD are available on our Free Shelf
linked below each CD.

ChildSing includes some singing Laurie StorEBooks
with a sample page linked below the CD!

And 'YourStorEBook' templates
for small book creation are in our paid Marvelous Membership access area. They are also linked below CDs
~ in your hands Leaping Literacy!

And! Coming to our Marvelous Member Library
are Special Cyber ChildSings with Laurie Story like this one:

Let's Sing
Lyrics PDF on our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf!

1. Hello
11. Head & Shoulders
2. Clap Your Hands
12. I Eat What's Good
3. If You're Happy
13. Brush Your Teeth
4. No, Yes
14. Sunday, Monday
5. Get On Board
15. Zum Gali
6. Red Caboose
16. Rocka This Song
7. Ram Sam Sam
17. Circle, Spin & Swirl
8. Mama Paquita
18. You Gotta Sing
9. Spirit Is Calling
19. Darlin' Valentine
10. Ants Go Marching
20. Teddy Bears - ByeBye

Member 'YourStorEBook' templates for small book creation:

I Feel
Word Doc .... PDF
I Feel2
Word Doc .... PDF
Look & See
Word Doc ..... PDF
Look & See2
Word Doc ...... PDF
I Eat Good Food
Word Doc ..... PDF
Favorite Foods
Word Doc ..... PDF
Bears In Bed
Word Doc ..... PDF
My Valentine
Word Doc ...... PDF

Fall Into Winter
Lyrics PDF on our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf!

1. Hand Hello
17. Bats Are Flying
2. Who's In The Circle
18. Bats Are Sleeping
3. On The Way To School
19. All On The Mat
4. Can You Smell My Yell?
20. Five Shining Pumpkins
5. Leaves Are Leaving
21. Popcorn Song
6. Autumn Leaves
22. Popcorn Pop!
7. Reach For Rain
23. Popcorn Shake!
8. If All The Raindrops
24. Grandma's House
9. Ain't Gonna Rain
25. Giving Thanks
10. Today It Was Raining
26. Moving Story
11. Use Umbrellas
27. Reindeer Flying
12. The Color Cloud
28. Jingle Bells
13. Rainbow Clothes
29. A Merry Christmas
14. Shoes Blues
30. Snowflakes Blow
15. Blue Dinosaur
31. Frosty
16. Dinosaurs In Dresser Drawers
32. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
    33. Teddy Bear Lullaby
The Color Cloud
Can You Smell My Yell?
Fall Into Winter
Dinosaurs In Dresser Drawers
Today It Was Raining

Member 'YourStorEBook' templates for small book creation!

Rain & Snow
Word Doc ..... PDF
Look & See2
Word Doc ...... PDF
Word Doc ...... PDF
My Clothes
Word Doc ..... PDF
My Family
Word Doc ...... PDF
Giving Thanks
Word Doc ..... PDF
Word Doc ...... PDF
Word Doc ..... PDF

Spring Into Summer
Lyrics PDF on our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf!

1. Hello
17. Wiggly Worms
2. Itsy Bitsy Spider
18. ABC Worms
3. Great Big Spider
19. Goin' Fishin'
4. Spider Up & Down
20. Crawdad Hole
5. Spider,Spider,Spider
21. Goin' On A Picnic
6. 5 Little Ducks
22. Farmer's Seeds
7. Little Ducky Duddle
23. Plant A Tree
8. Ducks Can
24. Recycle, Recycle
9. 5 Freckled Frogs
25. Big Bug
10.Old McDonald's Pond
26. Run In The Sun
11. Sarasponda
27. Mr. Golden Sun
12. She Waded In
28. You Are My Sunshine
13. Sailor Went To Sea
29. CaterpillarToButterfly
14. Tree In The Sea
30. I Am A Butterfly
15. Fish Alive
31. ByeBye
16. Loves Worms
Ducks Can laurie StorEBook
Farmer Sows
Member 'YourStorEBook' teplates for small book creation!
McDonald's Pond
Word Doc .... PDF
Big Bugs!
Word Doc ..... PDF
Get Small!
Word Doc ..... PDF
Goin' Fishin'
Word Doc .... PDF
Plant A Tree
Word Doc \.. PDF
Tree Sea
Word Doc ... PDF
Word Doc ... PDF
Caterpillar To Butterfly
Word Doc ..... PDF
Word Doc.... PDF
Word Doc .. PDF
Word Doc .... PDF
Me Undersea
Word Doc .. PDF

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