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Feature Creature Teacher:

Our Feature Creature Teachers all have power points and the following ones additionally have ETV videos in our Member Library. A growing number of them also have Ask/Affirm cards with some metaphysical applications.
FCT: Ant
FCT: Bat
FCT: Bear
FCT: Bee
FCT: Butterfly
FCT: Cake
FCT: Cat
FCT: Cicada
FCT: Deer & Reindeer
FCT: Dinosaur
FCT: Dog
FCT: Dove (physical)
FCT: Dove (metaphysical)
FCT: Dove All
FCT: Firefly/LightningBug
FCT: Flags
FCT: Goat
FCT: Grasshopper
FCT: Grasshopper w/Book
FCT: Hummingbird
FCT: Koala
FCT: Kokopelli
FCT: Ladybug
FCT: Ladybug Named
FCT:Mosquito & Dragonfly
FCT: Owl
FCT: Panda Bear
FCT: Polar Bear
FCT: Praying Mantis
FCT: Rabbit
FCT: Seeds
FCT: Snake Skin
FCT: Spider Fun Facts
FCT: Spider Spirit
FCT: Spider Full
FCT: Squirrel
FCT: Star
FCT: Turkey

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