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LoveWe serve traditional, creative & spiritual family literacy with reading & writing FUNdamentals, as well as imaginative invitations & tools for knowing & expressing our hearts. Live and online communication in conjunction with the arts and clear, heart based sharing are prime tools for creativity & family literacy.

Love We provide intergenerational, interfaith, inspirational, imaginational resources
to encourage creative expressions, and heart connections with self, family, community, nature, global family, and the world in which we live.

Love Our Core Values! Love
Here at Creative Spirit Families, we believe that ...

Love Literacy is not only how we communicate; it's also how we create.

Love Family is the first place we learn to create and communicate.

Love We are all natural creators with an innate ability & drive to create.

Because our minds imitate, living heart smart is the best way to create.

Creativity is a way of flowing energy naturally and authentically.

Love When we flow freely as Love expressed, we help activate this freedom in others where it might be supressed.

Love Creative literacy is a freedom that is our birthright and one well worth preserving and cultivating for our children.

Love Family literacy begins within our own hearts and homes; the stories of our ancestors, families, communities, the natural world around us, all weave with who we are and how we are creating now as we extend into the connected web of global family and expression of humanity.

Love Creative Spirit Families! Love
World Family

Creative Spirit Families is a non profit 501C3 ~ Thank you for your support!


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