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Wake Up Your Magic Susan Guild

Susan GuildWake Up!
Meet the Wake Up Your Magic Lady, Susan Guild!

Whether as a trailblazer, as a successful businesswoman in a “man’s world,” traveling or as a mom, I always knew there was more to life than the naked eye could see. As an innovator, a visionary following my hunches, I had the extraordinary privilege of seeing and participating in trends that today are everyday occurrences.

Gradually I got to the stage in life where everything on the outside was fabulous and inwardly there was a void. Thus began the process of seeking answers to the proverbial question “who am I and what am I here for”.
Susan Guild
Being creatively-inclined the logical traditional approaches were not working for me. Discovering the tremendous healing power of creativity, day by day - step by step the abyss, the stuck-ness, the frustration began to lift. Thus Wake Up Your Magic was born not only to lead me to a more fulfilling life but also to serve others to create their best life yet.

Nothing is more magical than to see people in transition, feeling stuck, searching, discover their 'aha!' moment as they become aware, awake and alive. Join me, won’t you on this path of self-discovery so you too can ignite your passion, explore who you are and find what you need! Become that magnificent person you never thought possible!
Susan Guild

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