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SoulPlay Camp Counselor Wild Mystic Rachel Flower
Rachel Flower
Rachel Flower

Rachel Flower is a coach for trailblazers. Known to many as 'The Wild Mystic' she trains leaders,
artists and entrepreneurs, in the art and science of leading with their passion and purpose so they can get
thrive while doing what they love.

Rachel draws from an eclectic background that includes a degree in physics, deep exploration into new physics and brain science and decades of training and teaching in mind/body/spirit integration techniques. From that she has distilled a unique modality called Quantum Sensing for heightening perception and clarity in life and work.

Rachel lived in Asia for 15 years and during that time studied numerous mind-body modalities, and directed a meditation center in Thailand for much of that time. She’s worked with people from all walks of life, including several years establishing and running teacher training programs for Burmese refugees along the Thai-Burma border.
Rachel is also the lead facilitator for The Peaceful Woman retreat company, and is a founding trainer for the
My Brain Tune Up™ program
EarthGym Rachel

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