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Michelle Peticolas
SoulPlay Camp Counselor Michelle Peticolas
Dancing With Life and Death

Michelle Peticolas

Dr. Michelle Peticolas Grief Transformation Specialist

MichelleSociologist, grief coach, workshop teacher, dancer, and filmmaker,
Michelle Peticolas, Ph.D. is dedicated to shifting the way people think and deal with death.

In response to the loss of her own parents, she produced the award-winning three-part documentary film series, Secrets of Life and Death, which focuses on death as an impetus for personal and spiritual change. The films have the stamp of her twenty-five plus years with a Sufi Master from Baghdad, an association that continues to this day.  She has been doing presentations for groups all over the Bay Area to lessen fears around dying and stimulate end-of-life discussion.

As she developed her expertise in grief and loss, she organically and successfully opened up a private practice where she works with women to transform their specific struggles with loss, illness, dying and grief into a new life purpose. She has recently begun to incorporate dance into her workshops. Dancing is a vital component of Sufi tradition that impacted her films and one of the main ways she connects with spirit.
Michelle Peticolas

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